8 Tips to hear better in restaurants.

Most restaurants these days are not very convenient for having conversations. Restaurants are quite minimalist in their approach to floor coverings and soft furnishings, so sound reverberates and it is usually very loud. This noise makes following the conversation very difficult even for those without hearing challenges.  Here are a few tips to help you get the most out of your hearing aids when you are out at a restaurant with family and friends.

1. Try to position yourself directly opposite the person who you are dining with. This way, the hearing aids will focus your companion’s speech, rather than the ambient noise and you can get visual clues from the persons face.

2.  Asked to be seated in a well-lit area so you can see your companions face which will greatly improve your chances of following the conversation.

3. Try to sit with your back to the noise. For example, sit with your back towards the kitchen, bar area or noisy table. This will allow your hearing aids to focus on the important speech signals coming from your guest/s.

4. Perhaps make a reservation for earlier in the evening when the restaurant isn’t at capacity.

5. Use your remote microphone. Ask your companion to wear the microphone so their speech will travel clearly to your hearing aids. Or if you have the omnidirectional feature on your remote microphone, place the remote in the middle of the table for you to hear all guests.

7. If the background noise is too much, perhaps ask the wait staff to turn the music down slightly.

8. Don't forget, even people with normal hearing have trouble hearing in noise. Don’t expect to do as well with your hearing aids in the noisy restaurant as you do in the quiet of your home. Try to relax and enjoy the occasion.