Why choose Selective Hearing

With so many hearing aid companies flooding the market, it is difficult to make a decision on who is best to look after your hearing health needs.  Look no further than SELECTIVE HEARING and here is why.

INDEPENDENT - What does "independent" mean? An Independent Audiology clinic means we are not owned by a hearing aid manufacturer. We offer clients ALL brands and styles of hearing aids so clients can receive the best hearing solutions for their hearing needs. At present, more than half of all hearing clinics in Australia are owned by Hearing Aids manufactures.

FAMILY OWNED AND OPERATED - Selective Hearing is a small, family owned and operated clinic. We have been part of the local community for 40 years, 10 years as Tarragindi's Audiologist.  Susan believes in continuity of care. You can rest easy knowing you will see Susan for each appointment so you don't have to explain your hearing situation over and over again.

COMPETITIVE PRICING - Selective Hearing is a fully independent hearing clinic therefore we are able to be very competitive on pricing without losing the quality of care.  There are no hidden costs for aftercare as compared to other companies.

HIGHLY EXPERIENCED - Susan, Principal Audiologist at Selective Hearing has over 20 years in the hearing health industry. She has worked nationally and internationally across both hospital and private practice settings.  This expertise is invaluable and really comes to the fore when we receive positive comments from happy clients.

QUALITY CARE - Susan is a University trained Audiologist who is highly respected in her profession. She is a full member of Independent Audiology Australia and is accredited with the Office of Hearing Services through the Department of Health (Commonwealth). At Selective Hearing you will enjoy pressure free, expert clinical advice about your current hearing needs. From the moment you walk in, you will immediately recognize the difference between how Susan runs her clinic compared with other hearing aid retail outlets. Definitely no pushy sales techniques, just 'good old fashioned' quality service.

EXTENSIVE TRIAL PERIOD and EXCELLENT AFTER CARE - Selective Hearing provides an extensive trial period to make sure you are happy with the hearing aids. One or two follow up appointments during this trial period allows for hearing adjustments to be made and for the client to ask any questions they may have. Finally, we provide FREE after care for the life of the hearing aid. You never have to reach into your pocket again!

Don't take our word for it, read our reviews online and come and experience the "Selective Hearing Difference" first hand.