Intervene early in hearing loss to minimise the possible impact

The importance of hearing cannot be underestimated and the impact of hearing decline can disrupt your life significantly.  It can become difficult to connect and communicate with those around you, resulting in feelings of isolation and declining self-confidence.  Recent studies have shown that even in the early stages of hearing loss there can be a cognitive decline as the brain reorganises to compensate for the loss of hearing. 

It is critical that you intervene early in hearing loss to minimise the possible impact.  In Australia, over half the 60+ population have a hearing loss.  This increases to more than 70% of those over 70.  So for older people a yearly hearing test will help identify any hearing loss in its earliest stages.  If a loss is detected then early treatment will provide the best possible outcomes.

At Selective Hearing our focus is on providing expert hearing, audiology and ear care services for all members of your family.  Susan Jones is a highly qualified, experienced audiologist who provides the highest standard of care and advice. 

We pride ourselves on providing completely independent hearing advice.  We recommend the best treatment for your hearing loss based on our hearing assessment and diagnosis, rather than on any desire to sell hearing aids (link to benefits of treatment). 

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