As a fully qualified, experienced audiologist, Susan Jones provides the full range of audiology and hearing services for all members of your family:

We understand that people tend to put off seeking treatment for hearing loss for a whole range of reasons. But recent studies have shown that untreated hearing loss may increase the risk of:

Not to mention the social isolation and feelings of frustration and embarrassment from struggling to hear properly. Early intervention will give you the best results.

An initial appointment at Selective Hearing is not expensive or time consuming and will give you all the information you need to address your hearing loss. Susan Jones is well known for her caring and patient approach and for getting great results for her clients. Most people can’t believe they put off seeing an audiologist for so long once they get the right advice and treatment.

We will help you take the first step toward better hearing, reconnecting with loved ones and living life to the fullest. Call, email or drop-in to Selective Hearing to find out more about our services.