Childrens hearing

Selective Hearing offers a child friendly environment to ensure you and your child feel comfortable during the hearing assessment. 

Susan Jones is highly experienced in working with children and has treated paediatric cases throughout her 20 years of practice.  Not to mention that Susan is a mother to two young children of her own!

Good hearing is essential to the social, emotional and intellectual development of infants and young children.  The key to helping your child is early diagnosis and treatment to minimise the impact of hearing loss on speech and development.  Parents are usually the first to notice a possible hearing problem and it’s best not to ignore it. 

Your child may need a hearing test if they:

  • Don’t respond to people talking to them
  • Ask you to repeat things
  • Pronounce words incorrectly
  • Talk very loudly
  • Have difficulty hearing in background noise eg. a noisy classroom, at a family gathering or party
  • Are performing poorly at school
  • Watch the television with the volume turned up louder
  • Misunderstand directions
  • Complain of a ringing sound in their ears (tinnitus)

When testing younger children, Susan Jones uses Pure Tone Audiometry and Speech Audiometry assessments.  Pure Tone Audiometry is conducted as a listening game and is sometimes also referred to as Play Audiometry.  Susan will also perform a Tympanometry test which is a very important part of the test battery - it tells us how the middle ear system is functioning.  Age appropriate Speech Audiometry tests are also used.

Hearing assessments for children take approximately 30 minutes.