At Selective Hearing we offer comprehensive hearing tests and hearing assessments, all performed by experienced audiologist, Susan Jones.

Susan Jones will complete a comprehensive diagnostic hearing assessment at the initial appointment including the following tests:

  • Pure Tone Audiometry (PTA)
  • Speech Audiometry
  • Acoustic Immittance

Pure Tone Audiometry

This involves obtaining air conduction hearing thresholds under headphones (or ear inserts) and also bone conduction hearing thresholds using a bone conductor. 

PTA is vital in determining the nature (type of hearing loss), the degree of the hearing loss and the configuration (shape) of the hearing loss.  This information is essential for prescribing the most appropriate hearing aids, if they are required.

Speech Audiometry

This test assesses the client’s ability to discriminate speech i.e. how clearly the client is able to hear speech.  This test gives valuable insight into how a person might perform with hearing aids and should be performed prior to any hearing aid fitting.

Acoustic Immittance

This test is generally used to assess middle ear status.  It is an essential part of the test battery for confirming a conductive or mixed hearing loss.